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1Password for Mac gets its first paid upgrade in five years

1Password for Mac is getting its first paid upgrade in five years with today’s release of 1Password 7, via MacRumors.

The updated version of the app offers a newly designed sidebar, meant to make it easier to find your passwords and move them between different groups. There’s also the option to pop out specific passwords in hovering windows for fields like iTunes that 1Password can’t automatically populate on its own, which is a handy new feature. Additionally, the Safari extension is now built directly into the app, so it’s one less thing to manage. 1Password also now integrates with the Have I Been Pwned? database to help figure out if your passwords have been compromised.

Oh, and there’s a new custom font called Courier Prime Bits because everyone needs to have their own font these days or else customers might get bored or something.

AgileBits is handling the new version of 1Password a little differently this time around in terms of how you can buy it. Customers who pay for an existing monthly 1Password subscription (which costs $2.99 per month) will be able to just download the new app and be on their way. If you install 1Password through the Mac App Store, it’ll only be available through this subscription model.

Otherwise, you’ll still be able to buy the app outright as a paid upgrade from 1Password 6 but only directly through the AgileBits website. 1Password 7 will cost $49.99 for a limited time before going back to its usual $64.99 price tag.

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