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3D Printed Pizza Coming to Theme Parks

Get ready for a new type of pizza party.

A 3D printer originally designed to feed NASA’s astronauts on their missions to Mars is now being built to make pizza for hungry fans at sports stadiums.

Tech celebrity and engineer Anjan Contractor launched BeeHex in 2015 with a mission to “make customized food cleaner, healthier and faster.”

The idea would see patrons order their food from their mobile devices and pick up their custom-printed pizza when it’s ready.  The self-cleaning printer will also save time — a pizza can be prepared in just four minutes.  BeeHex plans to expand the offerings of its 3D food printer.

Chocolate seems to be next in the company’s sights.

Pizza, chocolate, and less wait time in concession lines?   Sounds good to us.

SOURCE: Motherboard, http://motherboard.vice.com/read/nasas-3d-food-printer-will-make-pizza-at-amusement-parks

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