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7 Great Travel Accessories: A Packing List of Essentials

An iPad Pro is always a splurge, but if your travel often involves a mix of work and play, this is the gadget to invest in. It’s your tablet. It’s your laptop (well, sort of). It’s your Kindle. It’s your movie screen. It’s your sketchpad. It can even be your camera. It’s whatever you want it to be, seriously, and the 11-inch model fits as well in medium-size handbags as it does on a tiny seat-back tray. I recently ditched my laptop during a nine-day vacation and used only an iPad Pro plus my smartphone. As anticipated, I needed to duck back into work briefly, and while I don’t love the iPad Pro’s $179 Smart Keyboard accessory, it was sufficient enough to get the job done. After that, I went back to using it simply to figure out which tourist trap to visit next.

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