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Google shows how easy it is for software to remove watermarks from photos

Google’s research division today detailed just how easy it is for computer algorithms to bypass standard photo watermarking practices, stripping those images of copyright protection and making them vulnerable to reposting across the internet without credit. The research, presented at a leading computer vision conference in Hawaii back in July, …

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Google adds autoplaying videos to search results on Android

The next time a video shows up at the top of your Google search results, it might start playing automatically — fortunately, with the sound muted. Google is beginning to add what it calls “video previews” to search results. They’ll start out on Android, where they’ll appear for searches made …

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China launches cyber-court to handle internet-related disputes

China’s new cyber-court in the city of Hangzhou will start hearing cases today that exclusively deal with e-commerce and internet-related cases, according to China Law Blog. The court will have the ability to handle all aspects of a case online from beginning to end. The court will accept filings electronically …

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Fisker picks CES for new electric car reveal

Henrik Fisker’s next electric car act is apparently imminent. The Fisker EMotion will be shown at CES 2018 in January, promising a 400-mile electric range. Fisker told The Street on Friday that the EMotion’s Las Vegas unveil will also focus on the car’s technology, which is expected to include a …

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The best phone you can buy right now (2017)

There are a lot of great smartphone options available at any given moment, so it can be a challenge to sort through them all if you’re trying to choose the absolute best one. The stakes here can’t be understated: your smartphone is most likely the most important gadget in your …

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