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The world's best hackers are taking over Vegas at DEF CON 24

On Thursday, a group of the world’s brightest, most dangerous nerds will spend three days in the sweltering Las Vegas heat (well, inside of an air-conditioned ballroom at the Paris Hotel) to take part in the 24th annual DEF CON hacking conference. You know all of those stories about hackers …

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I raced a real tricycle through a virtual world and I didn't even die

Virtual reality experiences have done everything from sticking users into mechanical bird rigs to locking them inside treadmills, but it wasn’t until Saturday that I was able to complete the ultimate challenge: racing a tricycle. At this year’s VRLA Summer Expo, Russia-based Interactive Lab was showing off its latest demo, a …

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Pogue's Basics: How to unfollow Facebook friends

Pogue Basic Tip: How to unfollow Facebook Friends OK, now, the purpose of this Pogue’s Basics tip series is to shine light on littletechniques that you might think everyone knows—but over and over again, I’vediscovered that lots of people don’t. So if you use Facebook, here’s a good one: You …

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Snapchat's biggest threat is its own design

With the introduction of Instagram stories this week, the internet had a collective conniption fit over the cloning of one of Snapchat’s most popular features. Now, in addition to posting a pristine filtered photo to your Instagram timeline, you also can snap a rough selfie, doodle over it, and watch it …

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