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Forget Drones: Amazon Is Going to Fly Its Own Planes

Amazon is now airborne. The world’s largest online retailer says it’s going to operate its own air cargo network in the US, a move that points to its larger ambitions to build out a comprehensive factory-to-doorstep delivery system to serve its customers. Amazon signed a five- to seven-year lease with …

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Pentagon confirms it has used spy drones in U.S. air space

It turns out that those concerns from some about how the U.S. uses military drones against enemies abroad one day becoming an important issue domestically weren’t overblown. A new report reveals the Pentagon has flown spy drones over U.S. territories for non-military missions for roughly a decade. Specifically, the report …

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One man worked out how to hack into any Facebook profile

A hacker in India has revealed how he found a way to break into any Facebook user’s profile, before alerting the social network to the issue and being rewarded for his work. Anand Prakash is a security engineer in Bangalore who posted to his blog a piece entitled “How I …

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What to do when your smartphone is stolen

Image credit: ThinkStock If you’ve ever had your smartphone stolen, you know how aggravating and embarrassing it can be. Not only does some thief now have possession of your entire digital life, he or she also knows that you never got past the third level of Candy Crush. And while …

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