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The Artist Using Museums to Amplify Tor’s Anonymity Network

For the past few years, Trevor Paglen has been at the vanguard of a movement of fine artists who have led gallery-goers to grapple with the realities of online privacy and government spying. Now he’s gone beyond using museums to merely observe and study surveillance—he’s enlisting those same institutions to …

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Writing Sci-Fi Could Make Architects Better at Their Jobs

At the beginning of “Welcome to the 5th Façade,” a science-fiction story by architect Alan Maskin, a nameless man awakes from a cryogenic freeze. It is an unspecified date in the mid-21st century, and he’s been in “big sleep,” as his cryonic technician puts it, since suffering a massive heart attack …

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Review: Breville PolyScience Control Freak

Almost every day in my well-used home kitchen, I work with a double standard. I pop something in the oven and dial in a specific temperature, say 175°C. However, on the stovetop, I settle for the vagueness of low, medium, or high. When I go see my mother-in-law, and swap …

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The 10 Must-Watch Movies Coming to Hulu in April

A nation-wide prank war is a dangerous way to start a month. April is already plagued by bugs, pollen, and slippery, rainy roads—why would we want to add toothpaste-filled Oreos and jump scares to that situation? This April 1, let’s avoid giving in to FOMO and joining the legions of April Fool’s Day trolls. …

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Quantum Break Blends an OK Game With an Intriguing TV Show

Full motion video, as it used to be called, has long been taboo in mainstream videogames. The advent of the CD-ROM era in the early 1990s allowed games to incorporate video, and developers sometimes built entire games around it. The results were, in a word, poor: The acting was often …

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Tracing the Legacy of Zaha Hadid, Architecture’s Esteemed Anomaly

In life and now, following her sudden death at age 65, Zaha Hadid often was referred to as “the most important female architect of our time.” The superlative varies here and there, but one word—“female”—usually sticks. That qualifier would be out of place in other disciplines (who, in 2016, would think …

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