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Tip: Upgrade Your Songs For Free with Google Play Music

Apple’s iTunes Match has long been the simplest way to gain absolution for your past music-downloading sins, letting you replace all those old MP3s you got from Napster with shiny, higher-fidelity copies of the same tracks. But iTunes Match costs $24.99 a year and requires using iTunes, so I know …

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SoCalGas Plugs the Massive Porter Ranch Methane Leak—For Now

Word of the massive Aliso Canyon gas leak has been billowing out for nearly four months, but yesterday brought the first good news for families living near the breach. Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) announced that it has temporarily controlled the methane flowing from its Aliso Canyon natural gas storage …

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Uber Settles Safety Fee Suits—You Might Get Almost $1 Back!

Getty Images The slew of worker misclassification lawsuits filed against on-demand companies just won’t stop. On Wednesday, class-action complaints were filed against on-demand food delivery companies DoorDash and GrubHub in California state court, alleging that the drivers should not be considered independent contractors, as their companies have deemed them, but …

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Here’s How Well Twitter’s Execs Use Twitter—Or, Um, Not

As it nears its tenth birthday, Twitter is a mess. The company has struggled to attract new tweeters to join its free-wheeling service, and its stock has spiraled to an all-time low this year. Despite Twitter’s efforts, many users continue to face abuse and harassment, and terrorists have disseminated propaganda …

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Verizon’s Free Video Deal: Will It Cost Us in the Long Run?

(Image: Rob Pegoraro/Yahoo Tech) Verizon Wireless is streaming all over the idea of net neutrality. Of course, that’s not how the nation’s largest wireless carrier — which just began exempting video streamed via its own go90 video app from the data quotas of its service plans— would describe it. Instead, …

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Beyoncé Showed Up at the Super Bowl Because Work

About a million people were expected to show up in San Francisco for Super Bowl 50. And the city only has about 35,000 or so hotel rooms. So some entrepreneurially minded residents did the math and thought they could make a killing over Super Bowl weekend by renting out rooms …

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