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Watch Deadpool paint and shoot things in the new teaser trailer

The first teaser trailer has dropped for the highly anticipated Deadpool 2. The trailer opens with Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) dressed in a collared shirt and curly wig, spoofing Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting, except it’s called “Gettin’ Wet on Wet with Deadpool 2.” He’s seen puttering around, muttering about …

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People who own dogs may live longer

If you needed one more reason to love your puppy, here’s a pretty good one: your furry best friend might help you live longer. Researchers in Sweden tracked more than 3.4 million Swedish people with no heart disease over a period of 12 years. Some owned dogs and some didn’t. …

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ZTE Axon M review: double trouble

Two for the price of one. Two birds with one stone. Two heads are better than one. It’s a fairly simple concept: if having one of something is good, then having two of that thing is even better. The Axon M has a trick up its sleeve At face value, …

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How to set up a Pixelbook for programming

Well, I’ve really done it. I’ve taken a pure and unsullied Google Pixelbook, which at one time was fast and secure in all ways, and made it into a crashy mess. My crime? The desire to code. I’m going to walk you through my process for converting this machine into …

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