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Want Forza Motorsport 7 to look its very best? You’ll need a PC

Turn 10 Studios announced Forza Motorsport 7 today during Microsoft’s E3 press conference, and it’s primed to be the best-looking and most feature-dense entry in the series. The game was tailor-made to take advantage of the new Xbox One X’s added horsepower, which should render the game in 4K resolution …

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Microsoft Xbox at E3 2017: the 6 biggest announcements

Microsoft’s Project Scorpio was one of the most anticipated announcements of E3, and now it has a name and a release date. It’s called the Xbox One X, and you’ll be able to buy it on November 7th, for the disappointingly high price of $499. But that wasn’t the only …

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Aston Martin DB11 perfects the imperfect square

Who says a wheel has to be round? On the Aston Martin DB11 steering wheel, square is the new round. I use the description “square” loosely. It’s not a perfect square, but rather it tapers off in more pronounced angle in the tradition of the 820 horsepower Vulcan supercar and …

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The science behind a perfectly-toasted marshmallow

Wilderness is nice, but hands down, the number one reason to go camping is to incinerate food over a fiery pit. Everything tastes better when it’s burned over flames, especially marshmallows. But before you dip your ‘mallow-tipped toasting fork in the campfire, here are a few things you should know: …

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New trailers: Black Panther, Stephen King’s The Mist, and more

After watching Alien: Covenant last week, I felt like I had to go back and revisit Prometheus. Not just because the backstory of Covenant is extremely confusing if you don’t remember what happened (and I didn’t), but because I remembered Prometheus taking a really different approach to its scares. The …

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