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Microsoft is adding native OpenSSH to Windows 10

Microsoft has been steadily making Windows 10 a lot more developer friendly, adding the bash command line, alongside Ubuntu, SUSE Linux, and Fedora Linux distributions. The software giant is now adding a native OpenSSH client to Windows 10. It’s available immediately as a beta option in the Fall Creators Update …

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Robots Are Fueling the Quiet Ascendance of the Electric Motor

If you were going to kick off a technological revolution, you’d be hard-pressed to do it with more pizazz than Tesla with its electric cars. Flashy, kinda-self-driving, neck-snappingly fast electric cars. But oddly enough, what’s driving it all—the electric motor—is an ancient technology at this point. It’s lost out to …

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In Ed Lee's San Francisco, Utopia and Dystopia Are Neighbors

From the tall windows of WIRED’s offices in San Francisco’s South-of-Market neighborhood I’ve watched almost a decade of radical change made physical in concrete and glass. The city’s forest of new skyscrapers is at least in part the legacy of Mayor Ed Lee, who died early Tuesday morning after almost …

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Microsoft is making subreddits more searchable with Bing

Microsoft today announced a partnership with Reddit to surface the social news site’s content high up in Bing search results, so that searching for specific Reddit communities, pages, and info will spit back information gleaned from subreddits, AMAs, and other threads in a dedicated section. The news, part of a …

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What is Layer3 TV and why is T-Mobile buying it?

T-Mobile announced it’s planning to launch its own streaming TV service next year, but it’s not going about the task alone. The company is acquiring Layer3 TV to help build the service, catapulting the relatively small cable company into the national spotlight. Layer3 TV isn’t the most well-known cable company. …

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