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New WikiLeaks docs show how the CIA hacks iPhones and MacBooks

For years, the CIA has been developing tools for hacking into Apple products — and thanks to WikiLeaks, those tools are now public. Today, the group published a new set of documents dubbed “Dark Matter,” part of the ongoing Vault 7 publication on CIA hacking tools. Today’s documents focus specifically …

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This company is using AI and robots to sort and scan paper

If you’ve ever stayed up late watching cable TV, you’ve probably seen an ad for desktop scanners that promise to organize your clutter and help you cut down on paper. I’ve seen them so many times I assumed that, even if they didn’t work that well, bigger and better versions …

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AT&T and Verizon pull ads from Google and YouTube over hate speech

AT&T and Verizon today joined a growing list of companies in both the US and Europe that are pulling advertising from YouTube and millions of Google-partnered websites. The reasoning stems from the potential for big-name brands’ ads to appear next to videos and other content containing hate speech, including white …

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