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With VR180, YouTube Steps Gingerly Toward Virtual Reality

Done well, virtual reality feels immediate, immersive, and exciting. Even 360-degree video, which merely surrounds you in a scene you can’t explore, transports you to a place unlike any other. But doing VR well requires tons of money, time, and skill, only to reach the few people with the gear …

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Senators Push Trump for Answers on Power Grid Malware Attack

In one of his first public statements on his priorities as president, Donald Trump promised to develop a “comprehensive plan to protect America’s vital infrastructure from cyberattacks.” That has not yet materialized. And as new evidence has emerged that a piece of sophisticated malware caused a blackout in the Ukrainian …

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Here come the US Space Corps

Star Trek has Starfleet, Star Wars has the Imperial Navy, and Halo has the United Nations Space Command. But for the moment, real-life Earthlings of the United States don’t have a cool sci-fi name for their space military. That could change soon. Legislation has been drafted by the House Armed …

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The Senate Health Bill Is a Disaster for the Opioid Crisis

After seven years of promising to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, Senate Republicans are now closer to achieving that goal than ever before. Thursday morning, they finally unveiled their secretly drafted healthcare bill. It is not, as some had hoped, a drastic departure from the House’s version, which …

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Uber for jets accused of not paying its employees

JetSmarter, a Florida startup that offers a subscription service for air travel on private planes, is being sued by former employees who alleges the company failed to pay thousands of hours of overtime. The lead plaintiff, Grace Lamey, worked as a shuttle experience manager, dealing with things like reservations, boarding, …

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YouTube Red originals have racked up nearly 250 million views

The eighth annual VidCon starts today, and all eyes are on YouTube, the world’s biggest platform for online video. It’s been almost two years since the company announced Red, its subscription service, and began creating ad-free original content that would exist behind a paywall. While the company hasn’t shared any …

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