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How to switch from iPhone to Android and vice versa

Change is good. It’s, as the cliché goes, the only constant. But change is also hard. And the hardest kind of change, outside of my transformation from obnoxiously dressed teen to a just plain obnoxious man-child, is changing the kind of smartphone you use. I’m not talking about going from …

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Now your nightlight can notify you of retweets and emails

Aumi Mini is a new project on Kickstarter from the creator of Aumi, a Bluetooth nightlight which was funded on Kickstarter in 2015 and shipped to backers this year. The new Mini model is way more ambitious, however. It’s a USB-powered nightlight that connects to your Wi-Fi, and includes IFTTT …

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Elon Musk's boring machine completes the first section of an LA tunnel

Serial entrepreneur Elon Musk says his ambitious tunnel-boring endeavor, aptly named The Boring Company, has officially started digging underneath Los Angeles. Musk announced the news on Twitter, where he said “Godot,” the Samuel Beckett-inspired name of the company’s tunnel boring machine, had completed the the first segment of a tunnel …

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Teenager charged with manslaughter after failed YouTube stunt

A 19-year-old from Norman County, Minnesota, has been charged with manslaughter after accidentally shooting her boyfriend while filming a YouTube video, BuzzFeed News reports. The woman, Monalisa Perez, was arrested on Monday night after calling 911 to report the accident. Her boyfriend, Pedro Ruiz, was 22. The couple was filming …

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