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Facebook crosses 2 billion monthly users

Facebook has announced that it now has over 2 billion monthly active users. That’s up from the 1.94 billion total that the company cited as part of its most recent earnings report in May. Mark Zuckerberg shared the news directly, and Fast Company has a story on Facebook’s constant efforts …

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Aspen Ideas Festival: long on swag, light on ideas

During my four days at the Aspen Ideas Festival, I smiled during a panel only once. This happened when, before the speakers even began, I overheard a woman in a white shirt say to her friend, “I keep attending all these panels on ‘the turning point in medicine,’ but I …

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Pinterest begins rolling out two-factor option for all accounts

Pinterest is the latest service rolling out two-factor security. The company announced this morning that a two-factor option would be available for all accounts within “the next few weeks,” letting users add an additional security check every time they log in. Two-factor on Pinterest works pretty much like two-factor everywhere …

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You can now request Uber rides for other people

Uber is adding the ability to book rides for other people. Going forward, any time you set a pickup location that is away from where you actually are, the app will ask if you or someone else is taking the ride. From there, you can pick from a list of …

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