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AlphaGo beats Ke Jie again to wrap up three-part match

AlphaGo has again defeated Ke Jie, the world’s number one Go player, in their second game, meaning the AI has secured victory in the three-part match. The win over Ke, universally considered the best Go player in the world, essentially confirms that AlphaGo has surpassed human Go ability a little …

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Time to say ‘I told you so’: cannabis can treat seizures

Ancient Chinese and Persian medical texts — and modern anecdotes — suggest that cannabis is useful for treating seizures. Research has been scant, but a new study of cannabidiol, a molecule in cannabis, has given some credence to these claims. Kids with a severe form of epilepsy had 39 percent …

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You Spider-Can be Spider-Man with your very own Spider-Drone

Science fiction never had a problem with plopping magical floating orb robots into a scene. But now that real drones exist, it’s become fashionable to put real-ish drones into sci-fi movies, books, and video games whenever the writers are straining for a modicum of plausibility. The latest example is the …

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The Splash Drone 3 is the Aquaman of drones

There are lots of drones out there that can do all sorts of things like fly around, take pictures and video, or even lift a human. But how many can swim? Meet the Splash Drone 3, the latest drone from SwellPro. It’s fully waterproof, and while it can’t quite swim, …

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Netflix is bringing Ellen DeGeneres back to standup

Netflix is becoming a comedy juggernaut, showing just how much the network has grown compared to its competition. Variety reports that the company is working with Ellen DeGeneres for a standup special. The effort would be DeGeneres’ first special in 15 years, and adds fuel to the argument that Netflix …

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