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What Mongolian Nomads Teach Us About the Digital Future

People who pack up and transport their house twice a year become choosy about their possessions. I recently traveled among the nomads of Mongolia for two weeks and had a chance to inspect their belongings. I was there to photograph their traditional practices, which were more intact than I expected. …

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New trailers: Black Panther, The Chi, Godless, and more

I’ve really been enjoying the selection of offbeat, smaller films that Amazon picks up for Prime. One of those is Paterson, the Jim Jarmusch movie that has Adam Driver playing a bus driver named Paterson in the city of Paterson. It’s slow and odd, and it’s hard to imagine a …

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Why Only The Brave director Joseph Kosinski left science fiction

When director Joseph Kosinski made his 2010 feature debut with Tron: Legacy, he was almost instantly heralded as an impressive visual stylist with impeccable attention to detail. He solidified that reputation with his follow-up, Oblivion, another science fiction tale — this time starring Tom Cruise — with impressive visual aspirations, …

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What’s in your bag, Dieter Bohn?

What’s in Your Bag? is a recurring feature where we ask people to tell us a bit more about their everyday gadgets by opening their bags and hearts to us. This week, we’re featuring Verge executive editor Dieter Bohn. It’s been four years since I last published the contents of …

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