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Let Us Count the Ways: The Tech We Really Love

At its core, technology is ruled by cold, hard logic. But our relationship to it doesn’t have to be. We’ll bet that, at some point in your life, perhaps even now, there was a piece of hardware, an app, or an online service that made you smile with delight, that …

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Star Wars Gives Disney Its Best Quarter in Company History

Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ opening weekend has only just begun, but the JJ Abrams film is already breaking records. Box office sales for Star Wars: The Force Awakens matinees today suggest the film is likely to bring in more than $100 million in a single day, Disney said, breaking the previous …

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Snapchat’s Viacom Deal Is a Sign It’s About to Go Mainstream

Snapchat may be getting closer to its Facebook moment. Viacom’s newly announced advertising deal with the highly valued messaging service offers more proof that Snapchat is nearing an inflection point—the moment it tips from niche youth product into the mainstream, much as Facebook did in 2007. Viacom, at least, believes …

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D’oh! Crash: The History of VR on The Simpsons

dongxipunata/Reddit Thank you, Reddit. Once again you’ve cooked up something small, but glorious. Apropos of nothing yesterday, “dongxipunata” posted the above image to the r/Oculus subreddit. It tracks the eight (and counting moments) that VR appeared on The Simpsons, beginning with 1993’s unanimously beloved “Marge vs. the Monorail”—the year after Lawnmower Man hit theaters—and …

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More Drones Are Now Registered With the Government Than Airplanes

More drones are now registered with the federal government than piloted aircraft, marking a major milestone in aviation history. Over 325,000 people have registered their flying robots with the Federal Aviation Administration’s new drone registration system, FAA Administrator Michael Huerta said at a drone-related conference in Washington, D.C. on Monday. …

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Disney’s CEO Says Reports of ESPN’s Demise Are Ridiculous

CBS Television Get ready Trekkers! CBS said today that it will be launching a brand new Star Trek  series starting in January 2017. The show will be set in the Star Trek universe but will introduce new characters, civilizations, and worlds. And you won’t be able to catch most of it on TV. “This new series …

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The Supreme Court May Have Nuked the Paris Climate Deal

Last December at the Paris climate talks, the United States promised the world it would do its part to fight global climate change. Today, the US Supreme Court made that promise more of a maybe. In a late-day announcement, the country’s highest court said it will not enforce the Clean Power Plan—the …

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New Hampshire Primary Liveblog: Trump and Bernie Win

New Hampshire residents took to the polls today, becoming the first in the country to cast their ballots in a presidential primary. While Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton walked away with first place finishes during the Iowa caucuses last week, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have been leading the New …

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