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'Prisoners of Gravity': Hey, TV Sci-Fi Can Have Ideas After All

Most sci-fi TV is more about action and spectacle than anything thoughtful, but one show that really did the intellectual side of science fiction justice was Prisoners of Gravity, which aired on TVOntario from 1989 to 1994. On the show, host Rick Green used science fiction to explore far more serious topics. …

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Samsung Pay now supports Discover cards

Discover card shoppers can finally use their credit card with Samsung Pay on their phones, two years after the credit card company announced that the card would come to the system. A customer service representative for Discover confirmed that customers can now add their cards to Samsung Pay. Samsung unveiled …

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The British Parliament has been hit by a cyberattack

The British Parliament has been hit by a “sustained and determined” cyberattack attack, according to The Telegraph, which has left lawmakers unable to remotely access their e-mail. Authorities discovered unusual activity on the computer networks this morning, and have moved to take steps to protect them, which appears to include …

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Essential gadgets for throwing the best SmartBarbecue

Every summer, when the sun is hot and everyone is drowning in sweat, barbecue invitations go out. While these get-togethers create the perfect setting to catch up with old friends, befriend your neighbors, and meet new people, they also highlight how important it is to have all the best gear. …

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An ode to my $7 HTC pack-in headphones

Headphones are an interesting slice of the technology market, where companies build products that are as much gadget as they are art. Design, style, and personal taste in sound quality and tuning are just as important as the more technical aspects of a pair of headphones. And there have never …

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