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Facebook’s head of social VR talks about the future

Onstage at Oculus Connect this week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that his goal is to get one billion people into virtual reality. Many of them will come to VR for an escape, the chance to step into fantasy realms or explore far-off places they can’t travel to in real …

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Do the ideal workout headphones really exist?

My sweat is kryptonite to earbuds that claim to be water-resistant and designed for fitness. In the past few months, I’ve gone through a review unit pair of PowerBeats 3 (sorry Apple) and a set of Jaybird Freedom 2s that I purchased myself — and quickly returned after they malfunctioned …

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How Air France Will Rescue Its A380 With a Shattered Engine

The Airbus A380 is a beast. It’s a double-decker, superjumbo passenger plane, with four engines and a wingspan greater than two Boeing 737s side by side. When it first started flying in 2007, airports had to upgrade their facilities to deal with it. So imagine the nightmare of dealing with …

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Ultra-Powerful Radio Bursts May Be Getting a Cosmic Boost

Some of the brightest flashes in the universe may be coming into focus. So-called fast radio bursts are enigmatic, ultra-brief, ultra-powerful bursts of energy coming from distant galaxies. They last for only a fraction of a second, but in that time they emit the energy of perhaps 500 million suns. …

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