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Honda's Self-Driving Approach Starts With the Acura NSX Supercar

For all its prowess, there’s something weird about the NSX. Acura’s supercar uses a quartet of motors—three electric, one gas—to put power to any given wheel just when you need it most, making the supercar explosive, agile, and confidence-inspiring. Here’s the odd part: As seamlessly as the NSX supports and …

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Microsoft confirms some Windows 10 source code has leaked

A portion of Microsoft’s Windows 10 source code has leaked online this week. Files related to Microsoft’s USB, storage, and Wi-Fi drivers in Windows 10 were posted to Beta Archive this week. Beta Archive is an enthusiast site that tracks Windows releases, and asks members to donate money to access …

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How To Turn Off Snapchat’s Stalkerish Snap Map Feature

Snapchat has always known exactly where you are. What, you thought everyone saw that “Greetings from the Brooklyn Bridge” filter? Until recently, Snapchat didn’t do much with your location data beyond serving up geofilters and pushing location-specific stories. Sure, the app uses your whereabouts to help marketers sell you stuff, …

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Big Cable broke its promise and you're paying for it

  Cable companies originally probably to give us free apps to watch TV without having to pay for cable boxes. We’re still waiting. More Last June, Big Cable made an appealing offer for viewers and regulators. Companies would provide consumers with free apps to watch TV rather than making them …

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