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FCC Plan to Unlock the Set-Top Box May Be Too Little, Too Late

A new Federal Communications Commission proposal to “unlock the cable box” is receiving the kind of hype and adulation usually reserved for royal weddings and rocket launches. “Requiring cable-TV systems to make room for competing devices should similarly lead to a boom in new types of services and technologies,” the …

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Gmail Will Now Flag Emails From Non-Encrypted Sources

It’s Safer Internet Day and Google is celebrating in the traditional fashion: shaming internet companies that don’t encrypt their traffic. From today, any messages that Gmail users send or receive from email providers that don’t support TLS encryption will be flagged with a tiny unlocked padlock icon. Clicking the padlock brings …

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Review: Charming ‘Unravel’ Will Tie You in Knots

Image: EA It’s easy to fall in love with Unravel. How could you not? The highly anticipated downloadable game stars a little person made of yarn who leaps across chasms, swings on branches, and scrambles up hills modeled after the idyllic Swedish countryside surrounding independent game developer Coldwood’s office. It’s …

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The Bernie Bros Rule the Internet

Sanders in New Hampshire. (Photo: Lucian Perkins/Getty Images). As Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton prepare to face off in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary, one thing is already very clear. No matter who won Iowa or what happens tonight, the Internet has already decided Sanders is the cool one. That’s not …

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More Drones Are Now Registered With the Government Than Airplanes

More drones are now registered with the federal government than piloted aircraft, marking a major milestone in aviation history. Over 325,000 people have registered their flying robots with the Federal Aviation Administration’s new drone registration system, FAA Administrator Michael Huerta said at a drone-related conference in Washington, D.C. on Monday. …

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Donate Your Old USB Drives to Fight North Korean Brainwashing

In the age of Dropbox and Google Drive, the USB stick has come to seem like a dusty tchotchke that belongs in the drawer with your iPhone 4 cables. But send your chunk of cheap flash memory into North Korea, and it becomes a powerful, even subversive object—one that a new activist project wants use …

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Obama’s New Cybersecurity Plan Sticks to the Most Basic Basics

Enable two-factor authentication. Update your systems. Maybe get someone who knows what they’re doing to handle your security needs. It’s all the standard advice you’d give a tech novice. It also happens to be the foundation of President Obama’s new Cybersecurity National Action Plan, a long-overdue, comprehensive approach to keeping …

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Why Jeep’s $10M Super Bowl Ad Only Used a Third of the Screen

Jeep’s quiet “Portraits” ad was among the most memorable spots during the Super Bowl, and not just because it featured a montage of black-and-white photos and a jaunty piano score. What makes it so unusual is Jeep spent $10 million for the 60-second spot and used just one-third of the screen. …

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