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Samsung May Have Solved the Biggest Smartwatch Problem

If your smartwatch’s teeny tiny face makes it tough to navigate the device, a futuristic tool reportedly in the works could put more control into your hands. A new Samsung patent filing shows a projector integrated into the smartwatch that expands the interactive area you can use to control your …

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Google veterans head off on their own to work on self-driving trucks

Former employees of Google, Apple, Tesla, Cruise Automation, and others — 40 people in total — have formed a new San Francisco-based company called Otto with the goal of turning commercial trucks into self-driving freight haulers. Prominent staffers include former Google Maps lead Lior Ron and Anthony Levandowski of Google’s …

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Watch Tim Cook jam on the new Chinese version of GarageBand

Apple’s attempt to court China now extends as far as its free music creation app — the company just issued an update to GarageBand aimed squarely at the lucrative market. GarageBand for Mac and iOS now includes the pipa, erhu, and Chinese percussion instruments together with 300 new Chinese musical …

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HP adds another mid-range EliteBook to its lineup

Next in line of the never-ending business laptops from HP is the EliteBook 1030, a bigger and more powerful version of the EliteBook 1020 (also a smaller, lighter version of the EliteBook 1040). Because that’s what the world was clamoring for. The 1030 features a metal chassis and is completely fanless, as most …

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CurrentC seems to be pretty much dead

CurrentC, the retailer-backed mobile payments app that was supposed to take down Apple Pay, is being delayed, and its creator is laying off 30 employees. It’s not clear if this is the end for CurrentC, but it seems very possible. According to TechCrunch, CurrentC creator MCX announced that going forward …

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Drop Dock holds your phone in place with magnets

The Drop Dock is a magnetic dock that’s trying to make charging your phone quick, easy, and wireless. It’s basically a MagSafe for phones that fits any Android or iOS device with either a Micro USB or Lightning port. It doesn’t require any cables, and its creators claim that phones …

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Ill-fated Kickstarter project wanted to track your farts

CH4 wanted to “keep track of your gases,” but apparently the wearable-loving Kickstarter community wasn’t into it. The device was designed to detect when you fart, and then correlate your fart quantity with what you eat — quantified self to the max. The project inspired plenty of think pieces about …

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