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SpaceX releases gorgeous slow-motion footage of Falcon 9 rockets

SpaceX has put together an incredible reel of footage showing various Falcon 9 rockets throughout launch, separation, re-entry, and landing. And while SpaceX does that extensively every time a rocket takes off, this time it’s a bit different: this is a compilation of footage from four launches, all filmed in …

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Sony sets PlayStation event for September 7th

Sony’s upcoming PlayStation event, where it’s expected to unveil its upgraded PlayStation 4 console, is set for September 7th, according to invites sent out this afternoon. The event will be held at the PlayStation Theatre in New York City at 3PM ET. The company is being elusive about the details, saying …

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Kobo's upcoming e-reader is going to be pretty big

Last month, we found out that Kobo still exists, and that it’s planning on releasing a new e-reader, called the Aura One. Now thanks to a product listing from a Dutch retailer that went live a bit early, we have a few more details on the upcoming e-reader. Featuring a 7.8-inch …

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Netflix's speed test tool is now on iOS and Android

Netflix launched an internet speed test at Fast.com back in May, and this week it rolled out dedicated apps for the tool on iOS and Android. While the apps are identical to the website, Fast’s launch as an app could go a long way toward getting people to use it. And that’s a …

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Soylent’s new drink will replace your breakfast and morning coffee

Soylent, the famed meal replacement that went on to find a devoted fanbase online and in Silicon Valley, isn’t done innovating on its formula. The company has today released a brand-new drink: Coffiest. Packed with 150mg of caffeine, coffee flavor, and the same nutrients that come with Soylent 2.0, the drink promises …

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Why I’m finally leaving cable TV

I’m a millennial and I still pay for cable. I feel like I should apologize. Cable isn’t cheap — plenty of beat reporters have explained as much, including The Verge’s own — but it is easy. With cable, I can watch whatever I’d like when it airs, on-demand, or recorded …

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