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Sleeping passenger's headphones explode mid-flight

A woman has suffered facial burns during a flight from Beijing to Melbourne after her headphones caught fire and melted, prompting a warning from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB).

According to the notice from the ATSB, the lady awoke to a loud explosion around two hours into the flight. After feeling burning around her face and neck, she threw the sparking headphones to the floor, which the flight attendants soon doused with a bucket of water.

Thankfully she was not gravely injured, although the explosion did burn her hands, neck and cheeks and left the passengers with some nasty smells for the remainder of the flight.

Although the brand of headphones hasn’t been identified, the ATSB has stated that it was likely that the battery in the device caught fire, with similar issues in the last year having lead to the Bureau issuing a statement on taking lithium batteries on flights in general.

[Images courtesy of ATSB]

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