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Fire your interior decorator: Amazon thinks VR is the future of home design

Seattle-based ecommerce giant Amazon is looking at expanding its physical presence with appliances, furniture, and potentially electronics, and is considering using augmented- or virtual-reality tech to help customers visualize their products, according to a report by The New York Times.

After having rather successfully dominated the US and UK online retail scene, Amazon has begun encroaching on the very market it threatened to push into near-redundancy: retail in the real world. With plans for sci-fi-style supermarkets in the works, and a prototype already established, it looks like furniture, home appliances, and maybe electronics are next on the company’s brick-and-mortar agenda.

An anonymous source privy to recent Amazon discussion has told The New York Times that the proposed new stores would act as showcases, giving you the chance to test out any larger purchases before ordering them online. As part of this concept, the use of AR or VR to help aesthetically and spatially place these products in your own home is being considered.

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