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Harvest your pet’s fur and wear it as a watch band

I have a Tuesday suggestion for you: grab your pet, find some scissors, collect some fur from your pet, send it to the Analog Watch Co, wait three to four weeks, receive a custom watch band made of your pet’s fur, and wear this furry band on your wrist daily. Sound good?

Look how you’ll coordinate with your cat:

Analog Watch Co.

Yes, Analog Watch Co., a company I had never heard of until today, just announced its $199 Companion Collection. This watch collection is completely custom, as it features leather straps coated in your individual pets’ fur. The page for the collection doesn’t disclose any details about the watch, so I assume you’re only interested if you want to wear your pet all day and are sold on that idea alone.

Preorders start April 1st — which means there’s a strong possibility this whole thing is an elaborate April Fools’ joke (who starts preorders on a Saturday?), so maybe take the whole thing with a sizable grain of salt.

I made a GIF of part of the process that Analog goes through when creating your pet band.


Analog Watch, Co.

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