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This giant mousetrap will kill someday

I’m not sure what I would do if I made enough money from YouTube videos to be able to quit my day job, but — yes — I’m pretty sure I’d spend at least some of the time building oversized killing machines to taunt death with. Killing machines like this absolutely terrifying giant mousetrap built by YouTuber TheBackyardScientist.

I mean, just look at it. I don’t like thinking about regular-sized mousetraps and I’m not even a mouse; a human-sized mousetrap gives me the straight creeps. I’m having flashbacks to that episode of Game of Thrones. You know the one I mean.

But anyway, if home-brewed, over-the-top applications of kinetic and explosive force are your thing, TheBackyardScientist has quite the oeuvre, including classics like “What happens when you put 20,000 volts into a Watermelon?” (it explodes) and “1000 degree Red Hot Rocket Knife” (self-explanatory). As I said before, this is tempting fate, and I’m all for it.

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