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Manfrotto’s new backpack can pack a DSLR, up to 11 lenses, and a laptop

Manfrotto is most well-known for its tripods and other camera accessories, but today it’s further expanding beyond that market with the launch of four new camera-oriented backpacks and messenger bags. All the Bumblebee-line bags are fabricated out of a rain-proof material that reflects sunlight. They also include a stretchable band specifically designed to hold a gimbal, but it can be used to hold a lens, too. The backpacks cost more than the messenger bags and start at $229.99. The cheapest messenger bag costs $129.99.

The most expensive and impressive bag, the Bumblee-230 PL, can hold a DSLR with a 70-200/2.8 lens attached and 10 additional lenses, or an attached 400/2.8 lens with five additional lenses. It can be rearranged to hold a video camera and features a 17-inch laptop compartment as well. The bag is pictured above and certainly looks like it can hold a bunch of stuff. It costs $279.99.

The messenger bags aren’t as large but do have something called a “silent quick-access flap” with a “NoiseFree Velcro silencer.” All of this is to say you can open your bag quietly. The most expensive messenger bag, the Bumblebee M-30, costs $149.99. It can hold a DSLR with a 70-200mm/2.8 lens attached and three additional lenses, a handheld gimbal, and a 15-inch laptop in its own padded compartment. This is what it looks like:


Bags! Who doesn’t love bags, honestly?

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