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Amazon Prime Day 2017: the best Kindle, Echo, and Fire tablet deals

Prime Day may not be until July 11th, but Amazon is technically starting things off right now. While Prime Day deals are a wild mix of great and garbage, when it comes to Amazon’s own hardware, the company is offering some of the best discounts of the year.

That includes the previously announced 50 percent price cut on the Amazon Echo, $35 Echo Dots, and, in what might be the most in-demand deal, a $250 discount on the Amazon-partnered Element 55-Inch 4K Amazon Fire TV, which is available for just $399.99.

Basically, if it’s a gadget that’s got an Amazon logo on it, chances are you’ll be able to get it cheaper for the next day or so — even the top-of-the-line Kindle Oasis is seeing an almost never-seen price cut. (That said, newer products like the Echo Show and Echo Look aren’t getting discounts.)

The full list of deals is below, although it’s likely that they won’t be available for long, so you might want to move quickly. Happy Prime Day, and may the odds be in your favor.

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