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Sony’s throwback PlayStation-themed snowboard actually looks awesome

Sony has partnered with winter and water sports brand Never Summer to manufacture a limited edition PlayStation 1-themed snowboard for reasons that are not quite clear. What is clear is that this board looks pretty rad actually. It has that late ‘90s video game hardware aesthetic, with the throwback PlayStation logo, bright color streaks, and a blown-up rectangular snippet of an original PSX image.

The top graphic even has those giant, round-shaped power and disc tray-opening buttons that scared small children, like myself, into thinking a laser would destroy their bedroom if they accidentally popped open the top with Final Fantasy IX still running.

Sony is selling a limited run of 100 boards for $500 apiece, and it lists a number of features that someone who regularly snowboards could likely tell you more about. Those include a “Carbonium Topsheet,” “Carbon VXR Laminate Technology,” and “Ripsaw Rocker Camber Profile.” Gotta have a a good camber profile, I always say.

Image: Sony

Image: Sony

Image: Sony

Image: Sony

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