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Snapchat adds a boatload of voice and video calling features

Snapchat just stepped up its one-on-one chat features in a major way.

The company added a host of new messaging features to its app Tuesday, including voice and video calling, audio and video notes and stickers.

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First rumored early this year, this update marks the first time the company has rolled out a full-fledged calling feature. Snapchat has had live video features since 2014, but it was clunky — requiring both users to have the chat screen open in order to activate it. Now, you can initiate audio or video calls directly from chats, even if the other user isn’t currently in the chat.

If you’re not in the chat, you’ll see a notification letting you know someone is calling. If you are in the chat, you’ll get the option to ignore their call, join via video or to answer without turning on your camera. Video chats are also interactive so you’ll have the ability to exchange text messages while on a video call.

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Snapchat is also adding audio and video “notes” — brief video and voice clips — you can quickly share within chats. Rather than calling someone, the audio and video notes are meant to offer a quick way to send a voice message or video clip to a friend you are chatting with.

As with other text and photo messages exchanged within chats, notes will disappear after you navigate away from the chat unless you save them by holding on the message.

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The update also adds stickers — the first time Snapchat has supported the feature popular on so many other messaging services. You can search through the app’s 100+ stickers by tapping into the sticker menu (under the smiley face icon) and searching for keywords like “love” or “happy.” (Of note, Snapchat says these stickers are unrelated to Bitmoji maker Bitstrips, which Snapchat has reportedly acquired.)

Additionally, stories are also getting an update that changes how you browse through friends’ stories. Once you start watching stories from your friends, the app will begin to load the next couple stories in the background to make it easier to navigate between them. You can also skip to the next story in your friends list by swiping left.

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