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You can play the new Doom’s beta next week

id Software’s long-in-the-works reboot of Doom doesn’t launch until May, but you can finally get a taste of it next week. An open beta for the game will be launching across all platforms — PS4, Xbox One, and PC — and will run over the weekend, starting on April 15th and ending on the 17th. It will be open to everyone, as opposed to past betas for the game which were much more limited.

As with most betas, this early taste of Doom will be focused on the multiplayer portion, with access to two maps and two game modes (“team deathmatch” and “warpath”). The new Doom has been in development for quite some time, and will be the first new game in the series in more than a decade. Its infamously troubled development has reportedly included multiple internal reboots; you check out an early iteration of the game right here.

The final version of the game is slated to launch on May 13th.

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