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Amazon's Echo and Tap are 15 percent off today

Amazon has put both the Echo and the Tap on sale today, knocking 15 percent off the price of these two combination Bluetooth speakers and digital assistants. The always-on Echo is selling for $153.71 (down from $179.99), while the portable, touch-to-talk Tap is available for $111.01 (down from $129.99).

We’re big fans of what Amazon has done with the Echo and the Tap (and the puck-sized Dot too, although that isn’t on sale), but if we had to pick between them, we’d go go for the larger Echo. While the Tap does offer much of the same functionality — you can use it for Alexa’s various voice services, as well as playing music, etc — it’s far less convenient to have to hit a button every time you want to get something done, and the sound quality is mediocre compared to the Echo.

The deal is valid for one day only though, so if you’re interested in a personal assistant that can call you a cab or order a pizza, you’ll have to buy it today.

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