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Someone made a wearable dehumidifier, here's what we know

A wearable dehumidifier launched on Kickstarter yesterday. It’s called the Dry-Active and it claims to lower your body’s humidity level by up to 40 percent. I don’t fully get the Dry-Active, so to better understand, I’m going to make a bulleted list of all the things I know and then what I’m unclear about.

What I know:

  • Dry-Active looks like a facehugger
  • It’s available in yellow and black
  • A filter is somehow involved
  • Dry-Active comes with an app to control the device and monitor its temperature and humidity readings
  • The device is suggested for “outdoor working warriors,” bike commuters, and people who are “riding a scooter during a monsoon.”
  • It starts at $125

What I’m still looking into:

What I’m unclear about:

  • How this fits over a body and stays put. The company says it fits over a user’s shoulders, but it appears to come with waist straps?
  • Whether this would actually help my body in any way
  • How oblong my back would look with this under my jacket
  • Would this fit under my jacket?

Oh, and I know the Dry-Active definitely, DEFINITLEY, won’t reach its goal of 586,800 Canadian dollars.

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