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Google really likes making things out of cardboard

Google’s foray into virtual reality has involved a lot of heavy-duty paper, and even its fancy new hardware for VR is no exception. Google VP of Virtual Reality Clay Bavor tweeted a picture of an early controller prototype for the company’s Android-based VR platform, Daydream, and as you an see, it’s much more… cardboardy than the sleek controller design it unveiled at I/O 2016.

Google’s new reference design for a headset and motion controller looks much more like an Oculus Rift or Gear VR than Google Cardboard, which is literally just a $20 piece of cardboard you fold up and put your phone in. Google will be relying on partners to make its new VR equipment though, so there’s nothing stopping a company like, say, HTC, from building the new equipment out of processed wood pulp.

Seriously though, Google really likes cardboard:

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