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The 'world's lightest' electric bike is not cheap

A company called Budnitz introduced what it says is the “world’s lightest” electric bike. It’s called the Budnitz Model E. It has a single speed, is made of titanium alloy, and can help riders reach up to 15mph for up to 100 miles. It’s custom-made in Vermont and everything you’ll need, like cables and a battery, are stuffed in the bike’s rear hub.

Riders just have to have their phone mounted on the front of the bike to control its electric motor. There’s also the option to include slope sensors that detect when the bike is on a hill and kicks in for extra help.

It starts at $3,950. Oh that’s expensive, you say? Well Budnitz has something to say to you on its FAQ page:


More questions? Get ’em answered here.

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