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A headset that replaces your mouse with head tilts and biting

Often our desire to find a new kind of input — something beyond a mouse, trackpad, or game controller — is strictly for novelty’s sake or some kind of intellectual curiosity. But while something like Tobii’s eye-tracking system can be used to play Assassin’s Creed, there’s a secondary benefit to hands-free technology in the field of assistive technology.

GlassOuse (i.e. “Glasses + Mouse”) is made specifically to help those who cannot use a traditional mouse. Worn on the head like a pair of glasses, the device connects to Windows, Mac, and Android devices via Bluetooth and works as a mouse replacement. Tilt your head to move the cursor on screen, and click by pressing, biting, or nudging the attached button.

The inventor of the GlassOuse, Mehmet Turker, says he originally started exploring the idea in February 2015. The device is being sold and funded by way of an Indiegogo campaign, priced at $149 per device. (Turker has a breakdown of where those costs go.) Batch manufacturing is scheduled to begin in June, with deliveries expected in August.

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