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All the best reactions to SpaceX’s Friday night rocket launch in California

Last night, SpaceX pulled off its final mission of 2017, launching a Falcon 9 rocket out of California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base — and that flight created a spectacular sight in the night sky. The setting sun illuminated the rocket’s expelled gas just right, creating a beautiful white plume above the Earth. But as pretty as the show was, it also led to quite a bit of concern in nearby Los Angeles.

Vandenberg is around 150 miles away from LA, giving the city a front row view of the illuminated rocket:

But many in the City of Angels didn’t exactly know that a rocket launch was happening nearby, leading many to think they had just seen a UFO or that some kind of missile attack was happening. And SpaceX CEO Elon Musk didn’t exactly help matters, joking that the launch was a “Nuclear alien UFO from North Korea.

Since Los Angeles is home to Hollywood, quite a few celebrities also caught a glimpse of the Falcon 9’s climb and took to social media for help.

To an unsuspecting citizen, such a sight would be pretty terrifying without an explanation. Parts of Los Angeles seemingly received quite a few 911 calls regarding the launch and the Los Angeles Fire Department ended up posting a media advisory. But many space enthusiasts explained to concerned Californians that it was simply SpaceX putting up some satellites, and even the Los Angeles mayor, Eric Garcetti, posted on Twitter to allay people’s fears.

However, one celebrity still believes the truth is out there:

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