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Amazon is reportedly cracking down on fake products

Counterfeit products have been a big problem on Amazon for years, and even a recent lawsuit claimed 90 percent of “official” chargers sold on the site are actually fake. Amazon is now finally taking action against scammers in a bid to clean its marketplace up. Bloomberg News reports that Amazon has acknowledged internally that the counterfeit problem is getting worse, and that it has made fighting fakes a “major goal” for next year.

Amazon is reportedly preparing a registry to prevent fakes, and working with brands to register with the site even if they don’t plan to sell goods. Amazon will then require any marketplace merchants to obtain brand permission before they can sell products from that company. Amazon has even been experimenting with Nike and others companies to build the registry, but the e-retailer will target thousands more brands next year to try and convince them to sell products on Amazon’s marketplace.

A number of brands have been reluctant in the past to sell goods through Amazon, deterred by the large amount of fake goods. Bloomberg News reports that Amazon tried to convince the NFL and MLB to sell merchandise through its online store, but that the talks stalled due to the lack of control over existing fake products.

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