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App Attack: What’s My Mutt tells you what kind of pup you’ve got

Like a lot of dog-owners, I adopted my two pups from a shelter. And, as with many shelter dogs, they’re both total mutts, which means I have no idea what mix of breeds they are. 

What’s My Mutt aims to provide some answers to that conundrum. Available for iOS for $1, the app is designed to give you a better idea of what breed your four-legged friend really is.

Finding out which breeds your mutt combines isn’t just a matter of idle curiosity, either. Some breeds have specific health concerns that others don’t. (For example, my pup Penny tends to lose a patch of fur throughout the year that grows back after a few weeks. When we brought her to the vet to see if she was okay, we were told Penny was likely part boxer, as they tend to lose their fur in a similar way.)

The app uses 7 different features — from their type of ears to how long their legs are relative to their body size — to help you identify your pooch.

Penny, for example, has short hair, is moderately tall, has a snout similar to that of a pitbull, and floppy ears. After running all that through What’s My Mutt, I learned that Penny is probably part boxer, part Labrador retriever, and part Staffordshire Terrier (pitbull).

Obviously, the app won’t be 100% accurate for every dog. But getting even a general idea of your dog’s breeds can be both fun and help you take better care for it.

Also, according to the developers, a portion of the proceeds from What’s My Mutt will go to dog rescue groups. Which means you won’t only be figuring out what kind of dog you’ve got, you’ll be helping other pups, too.

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