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Apple clarifies commission cuts for iTunes affiliates

Apple has changed its mind on commission rates for iTunes affiliates. It was previously reported that all rates (for Mac and iOS app purchases, and for in-app purchases on both operating systems) would be cut from 7 percent to 2.5 percent. But the iPhone-maker now says only in-app iOS purchases will have their commission rate reduced to 2.5 percent. All other rates will stay the same.

The commission rates are pay-outs for partners signed up to the iTunes Affiliate Program. These partners include websites and apps which link to iOS and Mac apps, as well as music, books, and videos hosted on the iTunes store. When someone clicks one of these links and makes a purchase, the partner earns a commission — for example, seven percent of the sale price in the case of Mac and iOS app purchases.

It’s not clear why Apple announced one set of changes and then quickly backtracked, but the outcry from affiliate partners might have affected the company’s decision. 9to5Mac also notes that reducing the commission rate only for iOS purchases makes more sense as a lot of these payments are for renewing subscriptions (and therefore the partners who link to the app deserve less credit for the purchase).

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