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Apple’s TV Remote app now works on iPad too

Apple has updated its Apple TV app with iPad support, bringing TV controls, chapter selection, and captions to its bigger screen. The 1.1 update also lets you use Siri to control your Apple TV viewing, but not from the iPad’s regular home screen — instead, you can use voice commands by holding a microphone button on the app’s UI to search for, select, pause, and play your media.

It’s taken quite a while for the company to bring Apple TV Remote capabilities to iPad. Apple SVP Eddy Cue originally teased the software back in 2015, saying it would be arriving in early 2016. In reality, it didn’t hit the iPhone until last August, where it served as a more advanced and feature-rich version of the physical remote that shipped with Apple TV boxes. They’re useful for regular viewers, who won’t now have to fumble for tiny remotes, but both iPhone and iPad variants of the app still don’t let you watch Apple TV while on the move.

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