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AT&T accidentally confirmed Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Active

The fact that Samsung is working on a rugged, Active-branded variant of its flagship Galaxy S8 smartphone isn’t exactly a surprise. The device was rumored as early as April, and pictures and specifications for the upcoming smartphone have already throughly been leaked.

Still, if you’ve been waiting for some kind of official confirmation that the S8 Active is real, then this accidentally posted marketing copy from a recent AT&T promotion should help convince you (via XDA Developers).

Image: XDA Developers

The image comes from a (now taken-down) version of the FAQs for AT&T and Samsung’s currently running TV promotion, and references the S8, S8 Plus, and the as-yet-not-officially-announced S8 Active. This would seem to confirm both that the device exists as well as the fact that it’ll be offered on AT&T. (The previous S6 Active and S7 Active models were AT&T-exclusive devices, too.)

There’s still no word on things like pricing or a release date, but at the rate that information about the S8 Active keeps hitting the internet, it’s likely only a matter of time at this point.

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