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Alphabet’s Wing drones get FAA approval to make deliveries in the US

Wing, the Alphabet-owned startup, has become the first drone delivery company to gain the Federal Aviation Administration’s approval to make commercial deliveries in the US. Bloomberg reports that the company was granted the regulator’s blessing after fulfilling many of the safety requirements of a traditional airline. Gaining the FAA’s approval …

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Amazon can now leave packages safely in your garage

Starting today, Amazon Prime members in the US can have their packages delivered directly to their garages. Key for Garage, which Amazon first announced back in January, is an expansion of the company’s existing Amazon Key service, which already lets Amazon’s drivers deliver packages directly into your home or the …

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Year 2100: redrawing the world’s coasts

By the year 2100, swollen seas and rivers will redraw shorelines as climbing temperatures melt ice caps. In one of the most extreme scenarios, waters globally could rise by as much as eight feet, and even a smaller amount of flooding would inundate low-lying areas of the coast. In places …

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Here are all the winners of the 2019 Webby Awards

Every year, the Webby Awards honor the best of the internet. From games to podcasts to videos to influencers, the awards cover a wide range of internet content — including The Verge. In the 2019 competition, The Verge took home awards for its Science YouTube channel and for The Vergecast …

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Sony’s new 4K OLED TVs start at $2,499.99

Following their announcement at CES in January, Sony has announced pricing for its OLED and LCD TVs for 2019. The lineup includes Sony’s first ever 8K LCD TV, the Z9G, which will cost between $12,999.99 for the 85-inch model, and a whopping $69,999.99 for the 98-inch version. Also included in …

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Googlers Claim Retaliation, Samsung Delays Fold, and More News

Remember last week when Samsung unveiled its “foldable” phone? Well, it appears there are still a few wrinkles to iron out. Meanwhile, Google walkout organizers say they’re facing retaliation from the company, a new Game of Thrones episode has come, and John Legend is putting Siri to shame. Here’s the …

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