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The 5G iPhone is coming in 2020, says this trusted analyst

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is the most trusted source of Apple rumors — once predicting that that the company would sell three different iPhones well over a year before that came true. Now, he’s betting that we’ll see the first 5G iPhones in 2020, despite the fact that Apple’s original 5G …

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Apple is adding picture-in-picture mode to the Apple TV

Apple seemingly left one new, upcoming tvOS feature out of the company’s WWDC keynote earlier this month: picture-in-picture. 9to5Mac reports that today’s developer beta of tvOS 13 allows Apple TV users to shrink down any video playing in the Apple TV app to a corner of the screen and continue …

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NASA spacecraft snaps detailed asteroid picture from closest orbit yet

NASA’s asteroid-sampling spacecraft OSIRIS-REx just snapped its closest picture yet of Bennu, the deep-space rock it’s been hovering around since the end of last year. The high-resolution image highlights the object’s very rocky surface and even showcases a very large boulder on its southern half. OSIRIS-REx took this up-close picture …

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No, Elon Musk did not delete his Twitter account

I am now being subjected to headlines like “Elon Musk ‘deletes’ Twitter account after bizarre video game fan art scandal” because apparently journalists in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Nineteen can’t wrap their brains around shitposting. If you can see Elon Musk’s Twitter account, he has not …

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Google is finally taking charge of the RCS rollout

We’ve been hearing about RCS, the replacement for SMS texting, for over a year now, but actually using the next-generation service has been nearly impossible due to complicated carrier and phone maker politics. But now Google is taking over: later this month, Android users in the UK and France will …

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