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‘The Endless’ Is a Masterful Low-Budget Sci-Fi Movie

Over the past five years, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead have released a trio of amazing low-budget sci-fi/horror films: Resolution, Spring, and The Endless. Science fiction author Christopher Cevasco says that what sets these films apart is their focus on compelling characters. “The performances have to be really strong to …

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Space Photos of the Week: It’s Love vs. Hate in Star vs. Star

The universe does not believe in Christmas, though this photo of a stellar nursery called NGC 346 might remind you of a seasonal decoration. It’s actually a combination of images: NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope provided the infrared, the ESO’s New Technology Telescope added the visible light spectrum, and the European …

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Trump’s Interior Secretary will step down at the end of the year

Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke will step down from his post at the end of the year, according to President Donald Trump, who tweeted the announcement this morning. The announcement comes after several high-profile departures from the Trump administration this year, including White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, …

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The Star Wars Archives is a monster behind-the-scenes book

You could fill an entire library with books about the production of Star Wars. There are extensive making-of compendiums, behind-the-scenes reference guides, volumes of concept art, official biographies, narrative nonfiction, and more that are full of every imaginable nugget of information about how George Lucas created his universe. The arrival …

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11 new trailers you should watch this week

I finally got around to watching one of the movies I’d been most interested in seeing last year: Columbus, the debut feature from the film essayist Kogonada. It’s a deliberately slow, gentle movie that’s largely about two people talking through their problems while stuck together in a slow-moving town. What’s …

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