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Net Neutrality Is Just a Gateway to the Real Issue: Internet Freedom

This week, the Senate voted 52–47 to revive an Obama administration rule ensuring equal treatment for online traffic—the so-called “net neutrality” rule recently erased by the Trump FCC. But the vote wasn’t really about “net neutrality.” Instead, it was a deeply political, bipartisan call—three Republican senators, including Susan Collins of …

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The Shape-Shifting Robot That Evolves by Falling Down

Don’t even worry about Dyret the robot. At first glance, the scrawny quadruped looks pathetic, as it struggles to walk without collapsing. But keep watching, and you’ll see it start to improve—walking slowly, yet ever more proficiently. Dyret the robot is teaching itself to walk. Or even, according to a …

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Kik Founder Plots a Rebel Alliance Against Facebook's 'Death Star'

Ted Livingston knows what it’s like to be copied by Facebook. After his messaging app, Kik, launched profile codes in 2016, Facebook’s Messenger app did the same. Kik launched chatbots, and Facebook Messenger soon followed. Same goes for features like stickers and usernames. But unlike some startups that Facebook has …

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The Swedish Designer Creating Edible Robots

Food doesn’t always pair so well with tech. The former is comforting and cultural, the latter cold and commercial. Lab-grown meat, transgenic crops, desserts extruded from the nozzles of 3-D printers: not exactly fodder for nostalgic childhood memories. Tasteful Portfolio Dessert à l’AirAn edible robot that moves via inflatable chambers …

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New Kitchen Knives from Shun and Kikuichi Cutlery

If you do a bit of kitchen knife research, you will soon discover a recurring theme, as well as some odd advice. The recurring theme is that the three key knives everyone must own are a chef’s knife, a paring knife, and a bread knife. The odd advice is after …

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How to Not Watch the Royal Wedding

Congratulations! The digital world has invited you to virtually attend Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s marriage this weekend. Frankly, you don’t give a damn. But the internet won’t let you off the hook so easily. Your news feeds will be littered with the #RoyalFamily and #WhenHarryMetMeg musings unless you do …

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