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Why Big Tech and the Government Need to Work Together

The arc of innovation has reached an inflection point: technological change now threatens to overwhelm us. Discovery is unstoppable, but it must be shaped for good. We ourselves—not just market forces—must manage it. WIRED OPINION ABOUT Ash Carter, former US Secretary of Defense, is the Director of Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center …

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A Decade-Old Attack Can Break the Encryption of Most PCs

If you want to secure the data on your computer, one of the most important steps you can take is encrypting its hard drive. That way, if your laptop gets lost or stolen—or someone can get to it when you’re not around—everything remains protected and inaccessible. But researchers at the …

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How Fitbit Started the Wearables Craze That Got Us All Moving

As Japan entered the 1960s, everything seemed to be in motion. Construction swept through Tokyo as the city prepared to host its first Olympic Games. The Tōkaidō Shinkansen, the original bullet train, sped along the southern coast of Honshu. More cars filled the roads. The only thing not moving, it …

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Space Photos of the Week: Florence, From Way Way Up Above

Florence, due to be the largest and most powerful hurricane to hit the Southeastern US in history, is seen here from the International Space Station. Yes, this storm is big, but to give you an idea of just how large, consider: The ISS orbits 254 miles above Earth, and astronauts …

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BMW’s Vision iNEXT SUV Concept Sets a New, Electric Course

Changing notions of what customers want from cars have pushed automakers to do plenty of weird things. They’ve unmoored the driver’s seat from the left side of the car, revived the rotary engine, and turned windshields into screens. BMW, though, is most likely the first to put down carpeting in …

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