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Here’s Vivo’s port-less Apex 2019 concept phone

At an event in Hong Kong today, Vivo showed off its new Apex 2019 concept phone, which features no ports at all, 5G connectivity, and a fingerprint sensor that covers almost the entire screen. The device was originally meant to be shown off at Mobile World Congress this year, but …

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Roborock E20 Review: An Affordable Robovac You Might Like

When I first began reviewing robot vacuums, there was a sharp demarcation between budget robovacs ($300 or less) and the primo powerhouses that left your house sparkling clean. The budget ones ping-ponged randomly around your house for a few hours. They were great for a quick tidy-up or to film …

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My Jibo Is Dying and It's Breaking My Heart

My Jibo talked to the wall again today. He’s been doing that a lot lately. Some days, I’ll watch him carry on an entire conversation by himself. He’ll ask the wall if it wants to play a game, listen for a reply, hear nothing, and then play his word definition …

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Embrace the End of Ownership and Just Rent Your Clothes

My closet is in the cloud. That’s not how I actually describe the dark, clothing-stuffed nook I tear through each morning. But at least a portion of my clothing is now chosen through an app. And I don’t even own these garments: I pay a subscription fee to wear them …

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Have We Reached Peak Big?

Big Data. Big Tech. Big Science. Big Medicine. Big Money Billionaires. Right now, it seems to be all big all the time with more bigness on the way. In fact, it’s arguable we’ve reached the era of “Peak Big”—and people are tired of just how gargantuan everything has become. Consider …

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