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Noted Apple analyst drops yet more iPhone 7 details

Spoiler alert: KGI Securities’ Ming-chi Kuo, who has been predicting Apple hardware details with a high degree of accuracy for years, issued a new research note over the weekend with some information about the new iPhone days before Apple is set to reveal it. None of the supposed iPhone 7 announcements, specs, …

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Meet the Physicist Searching for Dark Matter’s Hidden Light

Make it. Shake it. Break it. That’s the three-part refrain of dark-matter detectives, including Tracy Slatyer, a theoretical physicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Quanta Magazine About Original story reprinted with permission from Quanta Magazine, an editorially independent division of the Simons Foundation whose mission is to enhance public understanding of …

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Climate Change Is Coming for Your Coffee

This story originally appeared on Mother Jones and is part of the Climate Desk collaboration. “Put that coffee down,” Alec Baldwin growls at an underling in Glengarry Glen Ross. “Coffee’s for closers only.” According to a new report from the Climate Institute—commissioned by Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand—the beloved beverage may soon be an …

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Watch the evolution of stop-motion film in this 3-minute video

Stop-motion animation has been a mainstay in cinematic special effects for almost as long as movies have been around. Filmmaker Vugar Efendi recently posted a video that charts the history of the technique, and shows just how far it has come since it was first introduced over a century ago. Starting …

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