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How Many People Watch YouTube’s Original Series? Shhh. It’s a Secret

This morning, YouTube—who has clearly been clearly reading the streaming-video tea leaves—launched its very own subscription video service. Like Netflix, Amazon Instant, and other platforms, YouTube Red also came loaded with its own original movies and series. Despite their high production value, though, these “Red Originals” have a distinctly homegrown feel: starring YouTube celebrities like PewDiePie …

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Scientists Spot the Gravitational Waves that Flex the Universe

In deep space, two black holes spiraled toward each other, their tremendous mass warping spacetime and propagating gravitational waves across the fabric of the universe at light-speed. The two black holes eventually crashed into one another and merged into one even bigger black hole, emitting a crescendo of waves. That …

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How to Make a Meme: Tools You Can Use to Create a Hilarious Viral Image

Memes — they’re everywhere. It seems like you can barely spend 10 minutes on the internet before being confronted by a viral image. So if you’ve been wondering how to make your own customized version of a meme, look no further. Read more:  • Hollywood’s Least-Favorite Illegal Streaming Site, Popcorn Time, Is Back …

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The 5 Comics You Have to Read Before Seeing Deadpool

Based on the Deadpool trailers alone, you know who the Merc with a Mouth is: irreverent, violent, and completely aware that he is a fictional character. Since his debut in 1991’s New Mutants #98, Wade Wilson has gone from wisecracking his way through action sequences to becoming comics’ very own …

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