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How That Iconic Apple '1984' Super Bowl Ad Almost Never Happened

Most advertising executives and analysts will tell you that Apple’s 60-second spot from 1984, a take on the George Orwell novel “1984,” is the all-time best Super Bowl ad. The ad, produced by agency Chiat/Day, shows a woman (the actress Anya Major) running into a drab hall of brainwashed citizens …

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Fitbit Alta is a Flexible, Fashion-Forward Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers aren’t usually the most stylish devices you can wear. But Fitbit is looking to change that with its new Fitbit Alta. Available for preorder today for $130 and hitting the market in March, the Alta is a fitness tracker with a decidedly sartorial slant. Fitbit invited a handful …

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Apple Hired the Hackers Who Created the First Mac Firmware Virus

shutterstock Apple has hired two security researchers who previously worked on viruses targeting Mac computers. LegbaCore founder Xeno Kovah revealed on Twitter in November that he and his partner, Corey Kellenberg, had been hired by Apple to do “low level security.” The move went unnoticed until another security researcher revealed it during …

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4K TVs Tested: Here’s What to Buy Now

“Gentlemen! Ladies! Welcome to the Top Secret Summit Meeting of TV Manufacturer Executives. Now, as you know, the invention of HDTV was the best thing that ever happened to us. Everyone in America bought a new TV! But what now? That upgrade cycle is over. What we need now is …

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