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3 Laptops Powerful Enough to Take Your Gaming On the Go

Don’t leave your latest gaming obsession at your desk. With these powerful laptops, you can level up wherever, whenever. 1. Razer Blade The newest Blade laptop comes with top-tier Nvidia graphics, a quad-core Intel processor, and an optional 14-inch, 4K touchscreen. Razer’s customizable Chroma LED system lets you choose the …

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How Europe's GDPR Regulations Became a Meme

In the long, obtuse history of Things That Became Memes, there are some obvious ones—Nyan Cat, say, or maybe Doge—and some less obvious ones. (Did anyone see “covfefe” coming?) Today’s entry falls squarely in the latter category. In the last few days, as the European Union has been ramping up …

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Former Trump Campaign Aide: My Russia Ties Are Not Nefarious!

Michael Caputo’s favorite novel is Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita, the story of the Devil’s visit to Moscow in the 1930s and all the oddball characters who surround him. When the future Trump campaign official was living in Moscow in the 1990s, he moved to Patriarchs Pond, the novel’s …

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Gadget Lab Podcast: The Very Human Element of Self-Driving Cars

One of the greatest ironies in this still-nascent era of self-driving cars is that humans are the backup safety drivers for these autonomous systems, while the systems themselves are supposed to replace human drivers and all our follies. Earlier this week, a preliminary report from the NTSB indicated that the …

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Everything you need to stream TV

Everything is streaming nowadays. The Oscars. The Super Bowl. Your favorite TV show. The latest Star Wars. (Well, eventually.) People are increasingly giving up on cable TV. By the end of last year, an estimated 22.2 million people had canceled cable or some other traditional TV service. And the number …

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I don’t know why GDPR is so funny, but it is

GDPR stands for the “General Data Protection Regulation.” It’s the most important data privacy law thus far, the convoluted product of a four-year deliberative process, a “staggeringly complex” law that “no one understands,” an 88-page monster translated into 26 different languages. GDPR is 56,000 words, which is about the length …

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