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Google Photos Now Builds Perfect Vacation Albums on Its Own

Although the Google Photos app is only 10 months old, the service has already amassed more than 100 million monthly active users. The reason Google’s cloud-based photo management software has gained so many users so quickly? It makes organizing photos dead easy. It automatically backs up all your images from …

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iPhone Case Makers Are Loving This Whole iPhone SE Thing

One important thing you should know about the iPhone SE, Apple’s new budget-minded smartphone, is that it doesn’t just look like the iPhone 5s. It’s dimensionally identical to the iPhone 5s, which means your dusty old iPhone 5s case will fit it perfectly. That’s good news for packrats. But the …

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This Smart Home Kit Relies on Sensors Rather Than Cameras

There are a slew of smart home products that will keep an eye on your house when you’re not home. However, almost all of them rely primarily on cameras. Rather than grounding a system in video monitoring, Samsung has designed a connected collection of simple, video-less sensors that monitor everyday …

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AI-Powered Apps That’ll School You in the Ways of Chess and Go

Humans are losing. Last week artificial intelligence, for the first time in history, secured a definitive victory over a grandmaster Go player. While chess playing humans were outpaced by computer brains almost two decades ago, Go is multitudes more complex than chess, with an estimated 10761 possible games (Chess tops …

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Apple’s Recycling Robot Needs Your Help to Save the World

Somewhere in a Cupertino warehouse, a giant labors with robotic precision, its 29 arms singularly focused on one thing: an iPhone. But instead of putting pieces together, this robot is pulling pieces apart. It disassembles iPhones at the rate of one handset every 11 seconds—less time than it takes you …

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