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The Xperia Agent Is Sony’s Bold Plan to One-Up the Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo has become a hit because day by day, week by week, it’s kept getting better. All the upgrades happen invisibly, which is precisely the point: The voice-controlled speaker-turned-personal-assistant has no screen and very little interface. All Amazon has to do is keep dreaming up answers to sentences …

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Turns Out the 2026 Oscars Are Actually Gonna Be Watchable

Well, this is weird. During a panic over that bug that bricks your iPhone if you set it to 1970, we accidentally set our computer’s clock to 2070—and pulled an inadvertent Marty McFly. There, in WordPress version 29.3, was our recap of the Academy Awards ceremony of 2026. (We don’t know what happened to …

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Google Will Now Favor Pages That Use Its Fast-Loading Tech

Google Google wants you to use the web. The web, after all, is Google’s home turf. To encourage you to stay in your browser on your phone rather than switching over to apps, the search giant today will start giving preference to pages built with its fast-loading tech known as …

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Not Only Do Opposites Not Attract, But Just the Opposite

You like big-budget rom-coms, so you know the drill: Opposites attract. Those two characters who can’t stand each other in act one? Chasing each other through an airport by act three. Well…apparently science does not go to the movies. In fact, according to a new study, genetic similarity may determine …

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