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Space Photos of the Week: Sweeping the Clouds Away on Titan

You know that hazy, cloudy, yellowish moon of Saturn called Titan? This is the same moon! Using years’ worth of infrared data from Cassini’s Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer, scientists have created the most detailed view of Titan we’ve ever seen. Because of the thick atmosphere enveloping this moon, it’s …

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Facebook Confirms It's Working on a New Internet Satellite

Fiber optic cables are the gold standard of a good internet connection, but laying them can be expensive, and in some parts of the world, a physically daunting task. So in remote corners of the globe, people often connect to the internet instead via massive geostationary satellites. These school bus-size …

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Facebook’s Fight Against Fake News Keeps Raising Questions

Facebook wants you to know it’s trying really hard to deal with the ways people use its platform to cause harm. It just doesn’t know exactly what to do. What separates hate speech from offensive ideas, or misinformation from coordinated disinformation intended to incite violence? What should the company allow …

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Cargo is teaming up with Uber to satiate your mid-trip munchies

Cargo, the company that sought to make ride-share vehicles a bit more like drive-by convenience stores replete with snacks and tech accessories for sale, has announced that it’s officially joining forces with Uber. Cargo, which first launched in 2017, gives ride-share drivers boxes filled with free samples and purchasable snacks, …

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