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Battlefield 1 glitch video shows the secret weapons of World War I

I knew World War I marked a turning point in human conflict, as technological advances brought new and outlandish weapons to the battlefields of Europe and Africa. But I hadn’t realized just how outlandish they were. According to this masterfully cut Battlefield 1 glitch video, the Great War took place in a time before the Earth’s gravity had been finalized, across war zones packed with pirouetting tanks, hovering super-soldiers, and horrifying half-horses that skate along the ground on their front legs.

It’s a bit unfair to rag too hard on Battlefield 1‘s beta for these bugs — the game’s not even out until October and these glitches will almost definitely be fixed before it hits shelves — but that doesn’t stop physics errors from being funny. In addition to the terrifying sight of tanks chucking themselves at head height around ruined French towns, bullets that hang impossibly in mid-air, and horses embedded in brick walls, the virtual troops of the era seem particularly prone to launching themselves several hundred feet into the sky at the slightest provocation: a trait that would have made the real World War 1’s grinding years of trench combat a little more dynamic.

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