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Apple’s location tracking Tags detailed in new leak

Details about Apple Tags, the company’s Tile-like location trackers you can attach to things like your keys, bag, or bike, have leaked again. The latest screenshots come courtesy of MacRumors, and show a new “Items” tab, that replaces the “Me” tab in the new Find My app that rolled out …

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How to update your apps on iOS 13

I’m obsessed with keeping my apps up to date, and for years, this has led me to follow the same exact pattern every time I open up the App Store on my iPhone. I immediately tap the Updates tab, refresh the list just to make sure every update is there, …

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How to rearrange and delete your apps in iOS 13

I’ve been using an iPhone since the iPhone 2G, and one of my all-time favorite iOS gestures is what my colleague Dieter Bohn calls “jiggly mode,” which is when you press and hold an app and all of the apps on your screen start wiggling. This means you can move …

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Facebook may copy your app, but Amazon will copy your shoe

Copying has a long and rich history in Silicon Valley, from Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ infamous raiding of Xerox PARC to the legal nightmare that is the Apple-Samsung smartphone design dispute to the almost company-crushing extent Facebook has gone to keep Instagram ahead of Snapchat. But while Facebook has earned …

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