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YouTube’s trending tab is there to lure in new users, not views

How important is YouTube’s trending section for getting views? According to YouTube chief business officer Robert Kyncl, it has less of an impact than people might believe. In an interview posted today, creator Caspar Lee and Kyncl discuss everything from monetization and YouTube’s trending section to memberships, echo chambers, and …

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Apple Music now works with Android Auto

Apple has just released an update for Apple Music on Android, and the biggest new addition is that it now supports Android Auto. So if you’re an Android user but prefer Apple’s music subscription service over Google Play Music or Spotify for whatever reason, now you can listen to it …

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Amazon leak reveals upcoming Echo subwoofer and smart plug

Amazon appears to have leaked some upcoming products on its UK website. Pocket-lint spotted listings for two new Alexa items, a smart plug and a subwoofer, that appear to be going on sale soon. The subwoofer is by far the more interesting of the two. It’s called the Echo Sub, …

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Amazon reportedly planning 3,000 cashier-less Go stores by 2021

Amazon plans to open as many as 3,000 of its cashier-less Amazon Go convenience stores by the year 2021, according to a report from Bloomberg today. That would be Amazon’s most aggressive move in the brick-and-mortar space since its purchase of Whole Foods in 2016. It would also significantly alter …

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Newegg users’ credit card info was exposed to hackers for a month

Hardware retailer Newegg suffered a month-long data breach that exposed users’ credit card information to the same hackers who targeted British Airways and Ticketmaster UK earlier this year. The exact scope of the attack is still unknown as the company just discovered the breach yesterday and began taking action. Newegg …

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The 10 games Sony needs to include on the mini PlayStation Classic

With the announcement of the PlayStation Classic, Sony is following Nintendo by releasing a diminutive console packed full of nostalgia. There’ll be 20 games on the device in total, all played with an authentic replica of the console’s original controller which, lest we forget, was released without the dual analogue …

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