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Twitter makes its political ad ban official

The ban on political ads announced by Twitter two weeks ago has come into effect, and the rules are surprisingly simple — perhaps too simple. No political content as they define it may be promoted; candidates, parties, governments or officials, PACs and certain political nonprofit groups are banned from promoting …

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After Math: Everything's coming up Disney

Right out of the gate, Disney+ appears to be a smash hit. The company already scored a number of preorders ahead of the platform’s release when it offered a steep discount for a 3-year subscription but it seems that most of us were waiting for the official launch. So many …

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mTiny robot review: Screen-free coding for kids

My five- and seven-year-old constantly fight over who gets the iPad first. We have one, and they get to use it in tiny doses, usually when I’m at my wit’s end. Their favorite app? ScratchJr, MIT’s go-to coding tool for kids. They like to code. No. They love to code, …

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Twitter's political ad ban will also curb ads for hot-button issues

The new rules will restrict ads for contentious subjects like abortion and climate change. Some keywords, such as “conservative” and “liberal,” won’t be allowed as a matter of course. The list of barred keywords will receive continuous updates, Twitter said. The company’s new policies also curb the use of microtargeting, …

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Porsche’s Taycan lives up to its EV hype

Electric vehicles are great at accelerating quickly, helped along by that low center of gravity (because of all that battery weight). But the laws of physics still apply and cornering can be a challenge if an automaker wants to give drivers more than 100 miles of range. More range means …

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Iran shuts down country's internet in the wake of fuel protests

Iran, one of the countries most strongly identified with the rise cyber terrorism and malicious hacking, appears now to be using an iron fist to turn on its own. The country has reportedly shut down nearly all internet access in the country in retaliation to escalating protests that were originally …

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