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Anesthesia can help patients forget a disturbing memory

Giving patients an anesthetic can help them forget a disturbing memory, according to research published today in the journal Science Advances. It’s the latest study to investigate the conditions that might prevent memories from sticking, and it could be a step toward finding a technique that helps people deal with …

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Facebook is adding quoted replies to Messenger conversations

Facebook is updating Messenger today with a new feature: the ability to quote and reply to specific messages in a conversation, making it easier to keep track of things (especially in larger group chats), as reported by VentureBeat. The feature comes as an expansion of the company’s existing reaction emoji. …

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MoviePass brings back unlimited plan with heavy caveats

Less than four months after it announced its last set of cinema subscription changes, MoviePass is shaking up its pricing model once again and is reintroducing its unlimited plan. TechCrunch notes that MoviePass Uncapped, as the plan is now called, offers you an unlimited number of movie screenings each month, …

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The Internet Made Dumbledore Gay

Just imagine the fanfiction now. It’s the kind of thing people write on social media after a tense scene between two heavily “shipped” characters, or when fan-favorite actors get cozy off set. It’s also what Potterverse creator J.K. Rowling said to a shocked Carnegie Hall in 2007, moments after she …

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Facebook Changes Its Ad Tech to Stop Discrimination

On Tuesday, Facebook reached a historic settlement with civil rights groups that had accused the company of allowing advertisers to unlawfully discriminate against minorities, women, and older people by using the platform’s ad-targeting technology to exclude them from seeing ads for housing, jobs, and credit—three areas with legal protections for …

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