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Google is adopting blockchain-like technology

Google is planning to adopt a blockchain-like ledger system, people familiar with the situation told Bloomberg. Google will use the tech, the report states, as a means of differentiating its cloud business from rivals. The company would also supposedly license the ledger system so that other companies could run it …

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A psychologist explains how to beat social anxiety

It is rarely helpful to tell a shy person to “just be yourself!” Riffing on that frustrating exchange, clinical psychologist Ellen Hendriksen has written a book that she hopes will answer the question the anxious person usually asks in return: How? Hendriksen received her doctorate from UCLA and today works …

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Amnesty International says Twitter’s toxic culture is failing women

Amnesty International says that Twitter is failing to prevent online abuse and protect women’s rights, following a 16-month research project into women’s experiences on social media platforms. The human rights group says that their findings show Twitter has not taken adequate steps to address and prevent toxic content directed toward …

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The iPhone X could make realistic game avatars a lot easier to make

When the iPhone X first came out, everyone had fun using the device’s front-facing camera to make Animoji. But it turns out, the device’s facial capture abilities aren’t just good for making cartoon pigs sing. They could also potentially be a powerful and inexpensive tool for game developers. Finnish studio …

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